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It is a new encyclopedia of chemistry competitions. It would provide you the easiest quality notes, video lectures, test series and live classes of all the topics of Chemistry for academic and competitive examinations at affordable cost. It would be helpful to develop your own concept in Chemistry that is the way of cracking competitions like IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS etc. This web portal with its experienced team is totally dedicated to provide you the efficient assistance in Chemistry for academic and competitive examinations. It would provide you assistance in solving technical problems of chemistry in minimum time. We are totally committed to satisfy your requirement and aspirations. Let’s do different together….

By profession Shailendra Shukla Sir is a senior executive officer in a very reputed power generation company. He has been a professional teacher of competitive chemistry since long time and his solo aim is to provide quality guidance in chemistry for aspirants of UPSC, IIT, AIIMS, NEET and Academic examinations, especially to those who belongs to the economically vulnerable class of society and cannot afford heavy tuition fees of professional institutions. Video lectures of Shailendra Shukla sir are available on pradeep kshetrapal youtube channel. https://youtu.be/VYjfWqjw6zA

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